Real Estate Agent:biltmore Estate Information ‘It’s going to be a disaster’: Orlando real estate developers are bracing for the worst as the weather worsens

‘It’s going to be a disaster’: Orlando real estate developers are bracing for the worst as the weather worsens

Orlando, FL – Orlando-based real estate developer Jason Zahn and his partner have been the targets of some of the worst weather we’ve seen in recent years.

Zahn, who was named CEO of Zahn & Spann Co. in January, told Business Insider that he’s not sure what he will do with the company.

“It’s a disaster for our company,” Zahn said.

“We don’t know if we’re going to survive or not.”

The Orlando Sentinel reported on Monday that the company has already received calls and emails from “many of the country’s worst-affected counties” since the weather turned stormy.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which manages the state’s storm-water management system, is monitoring the situation.

“There’s a lot of things going on out there,” said Michael O’Connor, a Florida Department and Coastal Resources official.

“People are evacuating, there’s no power, no communications.”

Zahn’s company has been working to restore power and communications to the region, but that is going to take a long time.

He said the storm is still “unprecedented” and is impacting property and infrastructure.

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for parts of Florida and warned that heavy rain and strong winds are possible overnight and into Monday.

Zhan said he’s been working with local governments to find ways to get people back to their homes, but it will be a “big challenge.”

“We need to get them back home,” he said.

The company has also hired about 200 employees to help with its efforts.

Zhaan has already started recruiting for an emergency relief fund, and he’s trying to raise money to buy equipment to help people stay in their homes.

He told the Sentinel that it’s a “massive challenge” to recover from such a severe weather event.

Zanae said that she hopes to hire 100 people and get them to their apartments in time for the storm to clear up.

She said the company needs to get the infrastructure in place to stay safe.

“They need to put in all the pumps and pumps and all the floodlights and all that,” Zanaee said.

Zansons house, which is near Lake Okeechobee, was destroyed by a tornado on March 8.