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Coran: A New Era of Wealth in the Real Estate Industry

Orlando real estate agent Coran Real Estate is taking on a new era of investment by taking a more aggressive approach to the real estate market, hiring more professionals in its marketing and sales teams.

The firm says it plans to hire up to 100 new people in the next three years, with the goal of hiring 10,000 in 2018.

The company is also working to increase its sales force by up to 60% in a bid to capture more potential buyers.

It says it will also focus more on building a better, more connected digital experience for its customers, including an expanded app store.

The announcement comes just days after Coran bought another Florida-based real estate firm, L.C. Real Estate.

Coran is now owned by its largest shareholder, New York-based private equity firm Bain Capital.

The new owners are also looking to expand its portfolio of assets. 

The real estate industry has undergone a dramatic shift in recent years, largely thanks to a combination of rapid growth in housing construction and a rapid decrease in the number of homes being built each year.

Since the beginning of the housing bubble in 2009, home sales in the United States have declined by over 10% annually, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

That trend has continued into this year.

According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), there were nearly 8.3 million new housing units built in the U, in 2016, and that number has been declining since 2014, with more than 5.2 million units now under construction or under construction.

A record number of Americans have been priced out of their homes due to skyrocketing home prices. 

Coran is the second major company to take aim at the housing market this year, joining a number of smaller firms that have joined the effort.

In May, Baidu launched a new, digital advertising campaign to appeal to investors looking to buy a home.

The firm also announced a new service that it hopes will make it easier for people to sell their homes to the public.

This is called the HomeSeller Network, which will allow people to buy and sell homes on a monthly basis.

Coron said the service will enable buyers and sellers to stay connected and provide them with updates about home prices and the market.

Coran’s goal with the new service is to make it easy for people who might not have the time or the money to buy or sell a home to find the right home.

“Coran will make the realtors’ job easier for everyone, while also helping our buyers and buyers’ agents to stay on top of all the latest home sales and real estate trends,” Coran CEO and founder, Kevin Chen, said in a statement. 

 Coron has said it aims to be a “real estate unicorn” and has been selling properties at a clip of 1,000 to 1,200 homes per month. 

“Coran believes that the future of real estate is to enable buyers to buy more houses, to stay in their homes, and to invest in their communities,” Chen said in the statement.

“With the Coran HomeSell Network, we’re building a platform to help people find and sell their own homes, while helping our clients to be more connected to the world of home ownership.”