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When you pay a property tax, you pay more than you take in

A homeowner in California has been charged with failing to pay $25,000 in property taxes for years.

In October, a California court issued an eviction notice against a man who had been renting out a small house in San Diego for the last 15 years.

The man had been paying about $40 a month in property tax on the house, but had not paid for the property in about five years, said his attorney, John Pascucci.

In 2015, the man’s home went into foreclosure and his taxes were owed by the bank.

The property is in a prime location for sale.

Pascucci said the man paid the bank $10,000 for the home, but was not able to pay the remaining $25 of the tax until his case was resolved by a judge.

In 2016, Pascuci filed a lawsuit against the bank, saying the bank owed him $25 million.

He said in the lawsuit that he would only be able to get that money if the bank would “accept responsibility” for the tax.

The bank said in a statement that it “has always been the policy” to honor all applicable state and federal tax laws, including California’s and federal taxes, as long as it is paid by property owners.

The bank also said that the bank has “received no specific request for a refund of the [property tax] amounts owed.”