Real Estate Agent:biltmore Estate Contact What do I do if I find out I’ve been cheated on my real estate investments?

What do I do if I find out I’ve been cheated on my real estate investments?

If you found yourself in a situation where you felt cheated out of your investment by an online seller, here’s what you can do.

Real estate investors beware: The first thing you need to do is get a copy of the seller’s contact information and then call them.

You can ask if the seller is real, if she has a website or if she’s in a local listing office.

If you don’t get a call back, you’ll probably want to start an online review of the listing and find out how to resolve the problem.

You’ll also want to do your own research.

A real estate investment adviser or broker is going to want to know if the sellers is legit, what the terms are, what you’re willing to pay, and how much you’re paying.

That could be a lot of work.

You should also ask for your credit card details, to make sure they’re legitimate.

If they aren’t, ask them to verify them.

A broker or an investment advisor may also want your bank information, to check whether they’re authorized to handle your account.

You may want to call your bank and make sure the account has been closed.

Another common mistake people make is thinking they have no recourse if the sale goes bad.

Some sellers may offer to refund the money to the buyer or the buyer may just give the seller their money back.

That’s not the case.

If you’re in the market for real estate, you should know the risks involved and how to handle them.

Real Estate Brokers and Brokerages will often offer to help with all of these steps.

You should also call the seller and see if she can help you.