Real Estate Agent:biltmore Estate Introduction Get ready for the holiday rush

Get ready for the holiday rush

At the peak of sales, the average house price in Florida will be around $200,000, and that is likely to stay that way. 

The median price of homes sold during the holiday season was $216,000.

The median home price is now $240,000 and the median price per square foot is currently $8,300. 

And, as always, it is the buyer who has the most to gain from the holiday sales. 

According to a study from Real-Time Economics, a firm that tracks the real estate market, Florida is the only state where home sales are up by 5.5 percent. 

Florida has more homes being sold at prices that are above the median of $300,000 than any other state, and the most recent sales figures are the highest in years. 

This is also true for the homes that are sold in the state. 

Here is a look at the latest sales figures:The median home sale price in the Miami area is $240.9 million.

That is up 6.5% from last year.

The average sale price per sq foot is $9,300, and median sales prices in Miami were $200 million and $250 million. 

These figures are based on a survey of 8,000 Miami-Dade County residents, and they do not include the sale prices of the homes in Miami Beach, or other areas that have seen large increases in the number of sales during the holidays. 

We have a couple more weeks to go until the holidays are over.