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How to Get $3.9 Billion Worth of Amazon and Google Products for $1.9 Million

Here is a great article for those of you who like to have fun with math. 

The article talks about how you can make $3 billion worth of, Google and products for just $1,000. 

These products include a Kindle Fire, the Google Chromecast, the Nexus 6P, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. 

Here is the deal: The total value of all of these items is $2.7 billion. 

This means that you can buy all of the above products for $2,749 each, for a total value over $3,000,000! 

To put this in perspective, the current average annual salary for a software developer in the United States is around $65,000 a year. 

So, this is a lot of money. 

If you want to get a little more fun, let’s compare this with the same amount of money you could make by buying a bunch of stocks and bonds. 

You could easily earn $5,000 to $7,000 in dividends by investing in these stocks and bond funds. 

That is a significant chunk of your income! 

However, to make it even more fun for you, let me give you some additional incentives to get the most bang for your buck. 

I am going to use the example of a $1 million salary for someone in their 20s. 

We will say that the stock of these companies is worth $500,000 at current prices. 

Let’s say that you are working in your field. 

When the price of stock rises $500 in a day, you will earn $1 in dividends. 

Now, if you bought a $500 stock at $1 a share, you would earn $9.00 a day! 

So if you were to invest $1 each day for the next 10 years, you could earn $4,500 a year by investing $1 into the stock market. 

What is your favorite option to invest in? 

If your answer is “Amazon,” I am sure you can do it! 

Here are some other tips on how to invest, along with some more examples of how to use these funds. 

 Invest in the top stocks of a sector. 

Amazon is the most popular stock in the space, but it is not the only one. 

There are also several other large, publicly traded companies that have been gaining steam recently, including Apple, Alphabet, Netflix, and Twitter. 

Invest in companies that are growing and making great profits. 

Some of these stocks have been around for decades. 

In the past few years, Amazon has taken off and its stock has been growing. 

Another popular example is Facebook. 

It has grown so fast that it has become a more than $20 trillion company. 

And, if one of its largest investors, Facebook, was to sell its shares at today’s market price, you can be confident that you will be in a very comfortable position for the rest of your life. 

Start your own investment company. 

 When you are in your 20s, you probably want to start your own business. 

However: there is no reason why you can’t also start a small one. 

 That is right: you can start a new company, make some money, and earn a few thousand dollars a year for doing so. 

Don’t be afraid to do this. 

Just be aware of how you might be spending your money. 

 If you are willing to put your time and effort into starting a new venture, you might have a better chance of success than many others. 

Again, it is worth paying close attention to how you are spending your time, money, energy, and attention. 

One of the best ways to avoid these pitfalls is to invest the money you are going to spend into something that you enjoy. 

A new book by John Paulson, Get Rich Slowly, will help you make sure you are investing wisely. 

 The goal is to build a portfolio of stocks that will make you money over the long run. 

For example, let us say that your goal is a company called Fiverr. 

Your goal is $20,000 and you have set a target of $10,000 per month. 

Once you make that goal, your target monthly income is $15,000 with a minimum of $1 per month of expenses. 

By investing in Fiverrs stock, you get an immediate return of $2 a month on your investment. 

Of course, you do not have to be a millionaire to make money from Fiverrers stock. 

With a $2 monthly investment, you have the potential to earn $20 a month and you can save $5 a month in interest payments. 

But, if your goal isn’t $20k, you still have a few options