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Which team’s top priority is getting done first?

By David | Mar. 17, 2018 8:00amMILWAUKEE — When it comes to making deals for the next two seasons, the Milwaukee Bucks are making the best decisions, according to one of their top executives.

Milwaukee Bucks general manager David Griffin said Tuesday he wants to be “very careful” with what the Bucks have planned, but he thinks the team has enough assets and cap space to be able to do so.

He was speaking after the Bucks finalized their 10th straight offseason, but Griffin also addressed the speculation surrounding the team.

Milan also made a surprise move on Tuesday that could alter its future.

The Bucks signed guard Brandon Knight to a four-year, $36 million contract, but it wasn’t immediately clear whether the team would re-sign Knight or add another player to the roster.

The franchise also re-signed veteran forward Jerian Grant, but the Bucks said that the team had to waive him.

The move came as the Bucks were set to play in the All-Star break and in the first round of the playoffs, as they prepare to face the Philadelphia 76ers in a game to decide a playoff spot.

Grant, who was signed to a five-year deal worth $68 million over five years, had been the Bucks’ leading scorer and rebounder.

The team also had to release guard Dewayne Dedmon and center Omer Asik due to their contract issues.

“You want to get the best deal possible for both players and for us, and we want to do it this year,” Griffin said.

“I don’t think that we have the cap space, I don’t see it, but I do think that this team is a very good basketball team.

We are very careful about how we go about things.”

Griffin, who joined the Bucks in March after spending nine years with the Los Angeles Lakers, said he doesn’t think the Bucks will have to make significant trades.

“We’re very good at what we do, we’re very strong in our ability to play with a core of guys that are going to get paid and that we’re going to be successful with, and I think we’re a good fit for that,” Griffin told reporters.

The Milwaukee Bucks’ next game is Tuesday, Feb. 19 at Washington, and Griffin will be in attendance.

He said he believes he will be able get the team’s players to sign extensions and avoid salary-cap concerns.