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When did you get your first house? – SportsNation

You know it’s a real estate deal when the broker is able to tell you the price of your house within minutes.

But the time and money that goes into a deal may not be there when you’re actually buying a home.

That’s what happened to a realtor in Washington state who went through all of that paperwork, waited a week for the sale to close and then bought her first home in less than a week.

We’re not exactly sure how much it cost, but it was more than $200,000, said Tricia Thompson, a realtors vice president for the region.

Thompson bought the house in 2012 and has lived in it ever since.

But she still has a lot to do to buy a home in Seattle.

“When I first got in here, I didn’t know what it was,” Thompson said.

“I was like, ‘What’s the deal?

So what exactly are you supposed to do?””

That’s why I’ve gone through all the steps to get the house.”

So what exactly are you supposed to do?

“Just go to the website and go to your county appraisal office, go to one of the online houses.

I have all the information on my computer, and then I call that house, get the appraisal and get the payment,” Thompson explained.

She said it was a quick process, because she knew she was doing the right thing.

“It took me less than five minutes, and I got it,” Thompson told ESPN.

Thompson is one of thousands of Americans who can now get a home appraisal and a mortgage payment within minutes, thanks to an online platform that lets buyers and sellers view each other’s listings, as well as buy and sell homes online.

“If you’re in Washington, you’re the only state in the country where you can get an appraisal in minutes,” said Jeff Davis, the chief executive of, a home appraiser and real estate market information website.

Zillow is one such marketplace, which allows consumers to view the listings of all homes in their area, compare the prices, and compare the value of properties.

It has an app called Real Estate, which lets consumers see the prices of homes, see the values of properties, and see real estate agents selling houses.

The service was designed to ease homeowners’ stress and anxiety, as many would be reluctant to wait hours to get an online appraisal, which is costly.

Ziller said his company is working to increase the speed and accuracy of its data.

But he said he’s concerned about the potential for people to use it to buy too much in too short a time.

“The reason I’m concerned is that we are seeing a lot of speculation, and some of it is real estate speculators,” Ziller said.

But he said it’s too early to tell whether consumers are buying too much or not.

“We have no way to know what percentage of people are buying, or not buying, too much,” Zillower said.

“I think it’s important for us to keep in mind that this is a speculative bubble.

It is not something that is sustainable in the long run.”

Thompson said she has no regrets about buying the house.

“This is where I live, and it’s the home that I’m in,” Thompson added.

“It’s something that I want to keep.”

The Real Estate Industry Association, which represents real estate brokers, said it is pleased that Zillows technology allows consumers in Washington to access and view their listings.

“Real estate professionals have become the cornerstone of our marketplace and their ability to deliver accurate and timely information on the market has been critical to our ability to provide timely, affordable mortgage applications and offers,” said Adam Moulton, president and CEO of the RIAA.

Moulton said the group was working to make sure consumers had access to real estate data, and said they are also working to educate consumers on how to use the system.

He said the RAA is working with the federal government and other government agencies to make real estate information available on the app.

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